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Friday, July 20, 2018

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
It’s scorching hot with the heat waves coming in full speed!

Today, we introduce our new BK Model, Yani! J
Let’s find out about the new face that will bring the light upon BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, shall we? 

Yani is originally from Singapore with feminine figure and a warm, cute smile ^^

She said she was finding out ways to get extra boost to her confidence and prepare for her job interviews to get a job as a for sales personnel

Yani is having the consultation with the consultant!
She asked questions about genioplasty with advancement to correct her symptom of receding chin and also wanted to get information on eyelid surgery that could define her eye shape and facial fat graft.

[Let’s stop here and find out what Receding Chin Correction, the chin surgery Yani is getting!]
Receding Chin Correction (Genioplasty Advancement) is a facial contouring surgery performed on patients with symptoms of protruding mouth due to the short length of chin (even when the patient doesn’t have the dental structure of protruding mouth) and unaesthetic silhouette with unclear demarcation between neck and chin.
The method of the surgery varies depending on the length of the chin and the dental structures. Therefore, CT-scan is a compulsory test item in medical exam to find out the most appropriate method of surgery for the patient.

>>  Click to find out more on

After the medical exam, Yani had a consultation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun.
Dr. Kim explained the principle of the surgical process of Sliding Osteotomy Genioplasty which involves cutting the tip of the chin bone and sliding it forward. Yani was still in the middle of making up her minds on whether and how she wanted to get the double eyelid surgery so Dr. Kim offered to give her separate consultation later on after the chin surgery.    
Yani expressed her confidence firmly that she was glad she chose BK Hospital after the pleasing consultation with Dr. Kim accompanied by his friendly explanation. 

This is Yani, taking the pre-surgery photos in the photo room with bright smile and glowing anticipation on her face. The expression says it all. ^^
Yani’s surgery was done successfully on that day!  
Let’s check out her recovery status 5 days after the surgery and with the tapes removed from her chin, shall we? 

Yani told us there was a mild stiffness on her surgery area which was hardly a discomfort and showed satisfaction on her changed chin shape. ^^
Pleased with the surgery result, Yani could not wait to discuss her additional surgery consultation. ^^ We could just picture Yani become the next hot beauty!
Keep your eyes open for the next BK updates on Yani’s beauty upgrade!

For more information on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital where Yani paid a visit to become more pretty, click http://english.bkhospital.com/index.asp

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Special Service for Overseas Patients of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Special Service for Overseas Patients of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Hello, It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
BK Hospital not only has steady flow of local patients but influx of patients from overseas countries as well.
We introduce special service for foreigner patients provided exclusively from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

BK International Patient Service 1. 
Airport Pick-up/ Sending Service (International Taxi)

Using advance reservation, BK provides airport pick-up and sending service.
The limo driver will chauffeur the patient in a hospitable manner and safely from airport to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and vice versa.

BK International Patient Service 2
Hotel Reservation

BK provides hotel reservation service for the patients comfortable stay in the hotel affiliated with BK Hospital during pre or post surgery.
BK patients can reserve the rooms in 10 or more hotels affiliated with BK Hospital for specially discounted room fee.

BK International Patient Service 3
Long-term Accommodation 

BK provides long term accommodations in the same building and the patients can receive treatments with check-up on their status according to their own schedule during the recovery period.

BK International Patient Service 4
Translation System

BK’s staff who can translate medical terms provides personalized one-on-one service from consultation and surgery to post-surgery care.
The general process from consultation to the last post-surgery treatment and care is accompanied by global BK translator who speaks English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

BK International Patient Service 5
Online Consultation and Surgery Appointment

BK operates several homepage for different language group, enabling fast and easy 24 hour online consultation & reservation service, and the patients can have direct consultation locally with the medical experts via international/video consultation.

BK International Patient Service 6
Post-surgery Care

BK assists fast recovery with intensive care service after personalized one-on-one treatment with medical translator in charge to ensure smooth communication.

BK International Patient Service 7
Follow-up Care after Departure

BK checks the patients’ post-surgery and treatment status regularly through hot-lines with the coordinator in charge by communication system that keeps in touch with the patient overseas.

BK International Patient Service 8
Declaration of Entry Issue

BK issues every foreign patient the declaration of entry for their convenient departure after the surgery.

BK International Patient Service 9
Global Tax Return for Plastic Surgery

BK provides easy explanations of the process for tax return in airports and other places. Expenses below 5,000,000 won(KRW) can be reimbursed easily through the machine in the hospital building without going through the complicated process.

BK International Patient Service 10
Convenient Payment Service

BK accepts not only credit cards and cash in Korean currency (KRW) but mobile payment(WechatPay,Alipay) as well. BK Hospital is also the very first plastic surgery hospital to adopt Bitcoin payment service as well.
Also, overseas remittance (Paypal) is accepted.

BK International Patient Service 11
Singapore BK Aesthetic Treatment 

BK Aesthetic Clinic located IN Singapore’s Novena Medical Center provides treatment and consultation as well.
You can get the same quality of service you get in Korea’s BK Hospital in Singapore BK Clinic.

BK International Patient Service 12
Medical Visa Issue

Medical visa is issued to patients who wish to get the surgery in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and assists entry preparations for the patients’ convenience.

Monday, July 16, 2018

BK Model Karen's Real Story! -(Revisional Double Eyelid Surgery, Epicanthoplasty, Doublo Laser Treatment)-

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.

We share the Real Story video that captures the expedition of Karen Lee, the BK Model from Singapore, who came to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital for her revisional double eyelid surgery and to get Doublo Laser treatment for healthier and younger looking skin!

Let's peek in and follow how her first day of surgery was to her day of last treatment!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

[Organic Life] 'Improve Your Wide Forehead with Forehead Reduction surgery with Fast Recovery'

When it comes to hairlines and the shapes and sizes of the forehead, forehead reduction can work wonders to bring out more ideal image and also make the face look smaller which is the trend chased by female figures these days.
Dr. Kang Sang Gu from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital shares information and tips on Forehead Reduction surgery.

'Improve Your Wide Forehead with Forehead Reduction surgery with Fast Recovery'

When it comes to a person’s appearance, the hairstyle plays a very big part in creating an image. Regardless of gender and age, everyone puts extra effort on how to style their hair before they head outside for some occasion. In the same context, the shape and size of the forehead plays a big role on the hairstyle in how the hairline shows, with instant and direct effect.

Generally, people who feel insecure about how their forehead looks grows bangs and covers the forehead. Of course, the range of hairstyle they can try is limited. What if they can escape from this feeling of insecurity by investing less than one hour of surgery with fast recovery and no side-effect? The answer lies in Forehead Reduction.

Forehead Reduction is literally the surgery for reducing the size of forehead. Hair implant can also be one option for reducing the size of the forehead, but the effect is incommensurable with that of forehead reduction.

Dr. Kang Sang Gu from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explained, “Forehead Reduction shows immediate and permanent result. It improves the wrinkles on forehead and the glabella area, and secures the space between the eye and the eyebrow which enables to open the eyes more easily. For this reason, this surgery is performed with eyelid surgery since the result is more dramatic than doing just the forehead reduction.”

Also, the surgery only takes about an hour with simple procedure and does not accompany severe swelling with fast recovery. Therefore, if the surgery area is well covered by bangs right after the procedure, no one would realize that the person has had the surgery. Forehead Reduction does not require for the patient to stay hospitalized and there is no need for blood bag, so daily activities are resumable immediately.

There are some differences depending on the individual but the ideal forehead size is 6.5cm for man and 6cm or less for Korean woman. In the past, people preferred wide and big forehead, but nowadays they prefer it to be narrow and the hairstyle show their forehead is on the trend. Forehead Reduction can also correct the hairline and play a big part in making the face to look smaller which is a hot trend nowadays.

Dr. Kang continued and advised, “Forehead Reduction must be prepared with well-thought-out plan, and consulted with professional plastic surgeon who has vast experience and anatomical expertise since the surgery requires high level of skill. It is also important to select the hospital with safety-assured surgery system.”

Friday, July 6, 2018

[Kukmin Daily] What you need to check for satisfying and safe breast surgery

Dr. Kum Inseop from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital shares tips on how to prepare for the safest way to choose the method and the hospital for breast surgery in the article on Kukmin Daily.


What you need to check for satisfying and safe breast surgery

With hot temperature of over 20 Celsius in the days approaching sooner than last year, people are taking interest in healthy and fit physique. A well-toned body shows off nicely when wearing light summer clothes, and allows confident and enjoyable vacation if you’re planning to go on a trip this summer. For this reason, more and more people are considering breast surgery to complete healthy and fit figure to prepare for the coming summer.

There are many things to consider for breast surgery such as type of implants, surgery method, details for follow-up care and so on.
First of all, it is crucial for the patient to choose the appropriate implants for her body, since there are different types of implant depending on the material, texture, size, shapes and others. Especially, when it comes to size, the patient should avoid choosing the biggest size and opt for the one that is in balance with the figure and creates natural volume so that there are no pains on the waist, back, and shoulders after the surgery. 

Nowadays, the shapes of the implant are focused more when considering breast surgery. The implant shape defines the breast shape. Round type and teardrop shape type are mostly used. Round implants can create full-looking breasts, but is hard to make the breast look natural. On the other hand, teardrop shaped ones can create breasts to look full and also natural.

The reason the surgery method is important in of breast surgery is there are big correlation among implant shape, safety, and the result. This is why there are high tendency recently to opt for endoscopic breast augmentation which enables the implant to be precisely inserted and secures easy view. Also, there are lots of things to consider for breast augmentation to be successful, like the experience and skills of the doctor who will perform the surgery and details for post-surgery care.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kum In-Seop stated, “When performing breast surgery, first and foremost is to prioritize patient’s well-being from selecting implants to surgery method and post-surgery care.” and added, “Considering appropriate size of breast in balance with the patient’s physique, waist, and hip and 3-dimensional form like width, extent, volume of protrusion, degree of slope prevents side-effects or risks after the surgery and creates voluptuous yet natural-looking breasts for the patient.”

Dr. Kum also stressed, “Before going through the breast augmentation, you must check if the doctor has abundant experience and skills to give thorough and accurate diagnosis and perform the suitable surgery for the patient and also check if the hospital has strong safety system for the surgery to go smoothly. This will ensure the patient to get physique with ideal proportion and voluptuous breasts in balance with no side effects.”

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Summer Sale event with BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

Don’t miss out on 2018 Summer Sale event with participation from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!


It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
Today, on behalf of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, we are giving a heads-up on a special offer only for tourists from overseas country visiting Korea. 

'2018' Seoul Summer Sale '  with variety of discount offers for foreign visitors in Seoul will last for a whole month of July, starting from July 1st to 31st throughout the Seoul region!!! 

Total of 203 businesses are participating in 2018 Seoul Summer Sale event hosted by Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization.

Lots of different sale events will be held to boost motivation for visiting Seoul and to maximize the pleasure of the trip by providing practical benefits for the tourists from other countries!!!!

This year’s Summer Sale is known to have the highest number of participants.
And amongst all the registered business, we proudly let you know that the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is also one of the participants! ^^

It would be a shame to miss an opportunity with such a meaningful and great cause!

BK Hospital is offering 50% discount on overseas patient with first-time double eyelid surgery(both incisional or non-incisional), on the condition that the patient from China, Japan and other countries that speak English holds the Summer Sale coupon shown above.

This price discount is a real deal!

BK Hospital is the only Plastic Surgery Hospital with the discount rate this high among the hospital in the same medical field!

Regardless of nationality! Regardless of age!

Always providing our best service for visiting patients, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is offering the summer event and sponsoring a plastic surgery model to lessen the pressure of paying the surgery fee.

For further details and questions, please don’t hesitate and visit the hospital homepage or other SNS channel.
We will give our best to meet your needs and provide consultation in a friendly manner.

Monday, July 2, 2018

2018 Seoul Summer Sale for a whole month of July !!

2018 Seoul Summer Sale for foreign patients have officially began!
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is also offering 50% discount on first-time double eyelid surgery.
This special offer is only on for this month of July so don't miss this chance and seize the opportunity!

Check out the released article for further details on 2018 Summer Sale offers!


"Discount benefits abound for Foreign Tourists”, 2018 Seoul Summer Sale for a whole month of July 

The Seoul city administration and Seoul Tourism Organization announced on June 26th, that ‘2018 Seoul Summer Sale’ event offering abundance of discount benefits for foreigners visiting Seoul is going to be held for a whole month from 1st to 31st of July throughout Seoul.

The number of participating businesses for this event is by far the largest.

The number of participating company last year which was 133, has grown to 203 business with 70 business increase.

Seoul city administration stated that, with the focus on ever-increasing tourists from Southeast Asia and China, participating business in the field of virtual simulation, restaurants, accommodations partnered with excellent platform have increased considerably this year.

Red Table Inc., granted business sponsorship for the Seoul Tourism Start-up last year, has recruited 41 brands through partnership which is an increase by 412.5% compared to total increase of 8 brands last year.

In the field of accommodation, global accommodation booking platform ‘Expedia’ have recruited 68 brands and is planning a variety of collaborated events.

According to Seoul city, GangNam Arumdaun Nara Dermatology Clinic plans to offer discount benefit up to 80%.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital also offers 50% discount to patients who will go through double eyelid surgery for the first time.

Seoul city stated that participating businesses have planned lots of discount offers like discounts up to 60% on exchange commission in KEB Hana Bank and Shinhan Bank

The city plans to launch aggressive marketing for overseas customer through online events, video making for viral marketing, and corporate marketing with LINE, using the global character brand LINE, with targeting female customers in their 20s and 30s from China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries who are the primary shoppers.

Additionally, the promotion activities have been going on in presentations and expositions in other countries with the locals there. More plans for promotion like prior online boom-up event will take place on the official homepage, SNS channels, Weibo and other online media.

Link: http://world.kbs.co.kr/korean/news/news_Ec_detail.htm?No=308376